Absolute profit of official website! !

Absolute profit of official website! !

With a point of 10,000 yen, you can earn as much as2320 yen per one! !

For example, works with a fixed price of 6500 yen + tax = 7020 yen including taxes are sold at 570 points on the official distribution site.

Suppose you want to purchase 1000 points at 10000 yen to get 570 points.

In that case, 1000 points will be accompanied by a bonus point of 100 points (1000 yen).

In other words, you can purchase points of 11,000 yen at 10,000 yen.

That means that a work of 7020 yen can be watched with a real 4700 yen.

7020 yen -4700 yen = 2320 yen can also be profitably purchased!

In addition! You can watch overwhelmingly with high image quality! !


Full high definition movie is super high image quality of 8 Mbps, and for smartphone it is also high picture quality of 1 Mbps!
In addition, there are also original shooting projects, VR movies, 4K videos of super high quality! !