personal information protection

In order to use the contents of the service freely, Ichimonkai(hereinafter referred to as the service)use and protect personal information of customer appropriately to implement activities as following.

1.The service has supervisor of personal information protection to deal with appropriate management
2.The service use personal information of customer in understood purpose scope.
3.Excluding agreement from customer in advance and recognition by law, the service can’t provide and disclose personal information of customer to the 3rd party.
4.If customer hope self personal information is introduced, please contact liaison , we will take appropriate action.
5.In order to manage personal information safely, the service makes effort for guarantee and improvement of security.
6.While comply with related laws and regulations and other standard, the services fluctuate with changes in surrounding and make effort for improvement activities of personal information protection continuously.
7.The service values importance of protection of personal information of model applicant appropriately.
8.While collect personal information of model applicant, the service get agreement from model applicant to use it in the service.
9.When acquired agreement from model applicant, the service doesn’t provide personal information of model applicant to the 3rd party, excluding recognition by law and regulations.
10. We have confirmed that all model applicants appearing on this service are over the age of 18.
11.About inquiry about contact method, privacy policy and handling of personal information ,please contact us by following contact method.