The policy is applied to all users who become member of Ichimonkai(hereinafter referred to as the service)and relevant all relations.
1. Individual who aged 18 or older can use the service. Person who acquired ID and used the service by false declaration wrongly will receive criminal penalty and take responsibility to compensate damage if the service suffered losses.
2.Group including 2 or more people and corporate can’t use the service.
People who disclose ID/password to the 3rd party or use the illegal method including using ID/password of other person to access the service should take responsibility to compensate damage.
3.Acts including infringement/ slander/aspersions to copyright and intellectual property right of the site, acts that disturb smooth usage, acts that disturb operation of service,
acts that inflicts a loss, and other incorporate acts, person who have acts as above will be lost member qualification and take responsibility to compensate damage.
4.All data including image data, animation data, data of sound source etc. of the service are limited in private use for individual member.
In spite of purpose of commercial and noncommercial, unauthorized use(transfer/reproduction/ distribution/movie etc.)is strictly prohibited. People who infringe the item take responsibility to compensate damage for the service and model.
5.ID/password of people who have acts of 1.4. as above will be deleted without notice even in valid period once acts are detected.
6.After understand the service including adult information, applicant for membership take responsibility for what he does and read it on one’s own responsibility,
pledge that assume all responsibility for management/producer/owner/service provider.
7. Even because of state of provider and PC of user, defect occurred in download, cancellation and payment can’t be rejected. Regardless of reasons, Usage fee can’t be refunded.
8.After complete designated membership registration application procedure and approved,
individual who is above 18 acquired ID and password and person who is recognized by the service specially are considered as membership. In addition, fee of usage fee including membership fees will be changed with advance notice.
9.Because of machine trouble of user, wrong input of password, natural disaster etc.(not the reason of the service),
the service doesn’t take responsibility for unavailable state.
10.Because of trouble of server machine of the service, the service can’t be used beyond 7 days,
point of unavailable period will be refunded. But, slow response due to server load and traffic increasing in specific period can’t be included.
11.If you access a large number of videos at the same time and place a heavy load on the server, your membership may be suspended without any prior notice. Simultaneous download using tools and programming is prohibited
12. The contents of this site may be deleted without notice, but the usage fee will not be refunded for any reason. We recommend that you save your purchased content to your device.
13.Various regulation announced to membership are part of the policy. The service can change the policy without agreement of member.