Merchandise Wanted!

Merchandise Wanted!


Sept Board's aim is, of mania, by mania, is a paradise for the mania.
In comrade-like, we would like to deliver the videos and content that can more satisfy the more geeky video.

Therefore, in sept meeting delivery site, we will be looking for work that you want to share with comrades like!

Please feel free to contact us if you have work that I would like to show off in front to comrades like us.


I think less in terms of still selling absolute number,
"High rate of reduction", "(due to 4Mbps, MP4 encoded) unlimited capacity of work," "Acting registration work."
Such as, as much as possible to reduce your burden of making hand-like, we want to strive to be able to concentrate on production.



We are, you understand the gist of the sept meeting, thus the everyone of mania to thank the many people who have supported,

It has been comrades and and.

First of all, we have in mind that delight to everyone comrades.


In order for you willing to everyone of comrades, we make hand like you will need effort, such as can deliver the work.

In order to make the hand to make the work, money, it will always occur problem.

This money, a problem that is quite great era.

Era of profitable if you make adult content was over 10 years ago.

Speaking the reverse, if you do not like, it is the tough times also continue.

Enhance even a little rate of return, I would like connect to the next work,

If authors who continue to work like, anyone would not think I think.

If you long-awaited sale, rate of return does not have that come to high.



So because "reducing rate to make the hand" will continue to become more important.


In the system of in sept meetings, settlement and agency fee, 40% roughly, such as server price will be paid to the system shop.
This is such as the settlement agent fee (transaction), it will be money that would certainly depend.
So, the rest does not take a profit in sept Board, 60% (the rest of the profit) = up to 60% (making hand-like share)
We reduction as!
To center the excretion videos and mouth moving, in order to deliver a lot of funny videos to everyone comrades like us and mania,
And we believe that would like to do in order to liven up more mania world.

This is if those who are sold in a conventional video portal site, but I think that you know,
You should see quite condition is deemed good in the video portal site.
Although a sale absolute number does not come true at all is still a leading-like,
Creators like, portal site of the comrade-like focus on is I think also interesting there one position.

Profit of sept Board is story is about how the first place, so we have to live in such a maniac world, to deliver your favorite videos,
We are very happy even in a state that can barely living.

Then, can see your favorite videos to everyone comrades, will send us your thoughts, it is possible to go making the next piece. This is what is the bliss of joy.
Of course, because the reality to come takes server price and settlement fees and various money, it can not be published for free, seeing this maniac world to many comrades like any one person,
In addition, we will help you comrade like you still do not know the sept meeting is awakening, and,
We that will be able to deliver to everyone more and more interesting things. That's what's the our life worth living.
So, sales of the work we receive your post is by subtracting the necessary expenses, we will give you the full amount!

Since we are also still mania, mania boundary is above all happy to rise in the hands of only a real mania!
When can a real mania is gathered in sept Board, to happy best, fun is!

We use all means sept meeting on this occasion, and to hand a chance,
Works that something more interesting, can be excited, the content that can be glad,
Why do not we deliver to everyone comrades?



Movies Application Guidelines


□ There is examination of the work content.

□ work that applies to the following I am afraid that I can not accept.

Cast work under the age of 18. No piece of mosaic. Bestiality work. Rape work.

□ I ask one that is in compliance with the laws of Japan.

□ trouble due to me was, I will support us in the post bidder.

□ will behalf mosaic. (Requires an additional fee)

□ If you wish, DVD, Bluray product sales is also possible. (You can start at the lowest press lot number zero)

□ sept also the portal of non-Board you can put out the work you freely.

Everyone of you I will wait for your application!