Documentary of desperate 9
Documentary of desperate 9
全セット(全シーン) 150ポイント「※右クリックして保存を選択してください」

I wanted to leave the work of leaking pee in the previous stage of [main part], not in the main part. This is a long time ago and is a little different from the previous one. Immediately after this filming, she went home with an angry saying, "I remembered my errands." So, you can see that there is a disturbing atmosphere in the main story. She is quite angry with her patience. You can feel that you are working hard to be able to guide you to peeing slowly while taking a good mood. (I failed). The moment I lost my line of sight, I took my underwear on the spot ... on the floor, pusher!
She never came again

(ユーザーランク指定) ランク指定なし

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