enema teacher [for smartphone poop 2]
enema teacher [for smartphone poop 2]
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The smartphone's vertical screen is perfect for projecting a human body. This work is a vertical shot with all the cameras rotated 90 degrees, making it a powerful image that suits the user to view on a smartphone or view on a vertical screen. This work will be delivered in the form of a request of "the figure that a teacher energizes and breathes".
Simple style starting from the class scene. I put in the voice of the female teacher's heart and expressed emotion.
It is simply installed behind and diagonally in the toilet. The screen layout is easy to remove.
Since the scene of the back camera is over, the scene of the front camera is put, so it is a delicious finish twice with one grain.
See forgiveness for places where you can not bear laughter for your awful fart.
Even so, I think the vertical screen is the best way to project the human body.

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