"Can I follow you to the bathroom? 5
"Can I follow you to the bathroom? 5

This is a dream situation where you are shown a normal poo. This time, there are three different types of girls: loose-fitting, buxom, and mature.

The first one
The back of a lo-fi figure walking leisurely through downtown. If you look around the front, you'll see a typical young lady type waiting to be scouted!
Unfortunately, the guy who came up to me was a total pervert... he was smiling and listening to me, but he asked me, "Can I follow you to the bathroom? With a straight face! Scary!
I was desperately trying to get his permission, but after the shooting started, there was an unbelievable development.
"Can I check to see if you want me to poo? Huh? What do you think? "Let's pick your butt.
What must not come out of the anus the moment you step on it further! It's a documentary about the wonders of the human body.

The second
This year's Halloween was a relatively quiet affair.
But still, after some hustle and bustle, it was filled with cute girls who had become refugees in a net cafe!
I staked out an internet cafe that is rumored to be a place where you can meet, and called out to a big, shapely ass girl.
I wondered if she came out of the countryside in a slightly fancy dress-like makeup.
This is a huge, powerful, big-ass girl that even a wide-angle camera can't capture.

This is the second mature woman in the series.
There were many fans who sent me a mail for a nomination, but this time, too, she rolled up her anus and let out a very thick feces.
The color of her stool was darker than usual, but is she okay?

(ユーザーランク指定) ランク指定なし

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